Military buildings

Military buildings

Military control of the territory of Huesca has been strategic through time. Castles and fortresses, mostly mediaeval, are joined by other buildings that still stand today, challenging the passing of time and inviting visitors to submerge themselves in magical moments of the past.

Towers and vantage points

Defending and keeping watch over a land, at a time when Christians and Muslims were fighting to keep their conquests, has left many remains in the north of the province of Huesca. Towers and vantage points are located in strategic, isolated points, mostly in abrupt locations; they communicated with one another by means of a code of signals, transmitting their messages with mirrors during the day and fires at night.

In Sobrarbe, the vantage point of Abizanda is worthy of note, as are the towers of Mediano, Samitier, Troncedo and Muro de Roda. In Ribagorza, the defensive line moved along the strategic points of Luzás, Viacamp, Pano, Fantova, Perarrúa, Lascuarre, Chiriveta, Estopiñán and Arén.

In Jacetania, the Torreta de Fusileros in Canfranc is of special interest. This military construction was erected in 1878 after building the road from Zaragoza to France via the Somport. It has an elliptical plan, with four levels and a moat around its perimeter.

Rapitán Fort, in Jaca, is a fortress built at the end of the 19th century, which today serves as a cultural centre for the town. 


Citadel of Jaca

Its pentagonal shape has a defensive bastion on each corner, ordered to be built by Phillip II to defend the Way of St. James from heretics. However, its only military function was delayed until the War of Independence in the 19th century, and it... Read more »

Civil War Visitor Centre in Robres

In Robres, in addition to the permanent exhibition and the temporary exhibitions about specific aspects of the war, there are several routes where visitors can discover the war sites in the field.  A bunker and routes between trenches take... Read more »

Offers in Military buildings

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